Working with the Oval Racing Council International

Find out how we worked with Oval Racing Council International to enhance the insurance scheme for promoter members.

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Providing an unbeatable service

Working with Oval Racing Council International

In January 2012, Romero Sports and Leisure were approached by the Oval Racing Council International (ORCI), to enhance the insurance scheme for promoter members. As a UK governing body for short circuit racing, ORCI needed a broker they could trust.

Romero Sports and Leisure is a leading broker to the industry, so we were confident we could deliver an exceptional scheme that would add great benefit to members.

Our solution

Romero Sports and Leisure negotiated with our insurers to develop an exclusive scheme with the following benefits:

  • A significant premium reduction
  • Sponsorship of the association to help assist with Health and Safety and risk management issues.
  • Enhanced policy cover

Ongoing collaboration

The ORCI has worked with our dedicated risk management team for a number of years. By further investing in the association by way of sponsorship, Romero Sports and Leisure aims to make oval track racing as safe as possible for its participants and safeguard the future of oval racing in the UK.

The Oval Racing Council has now for many years retained the services of Romero Sports & Leisure Insurance cover for our oval motorsport venues throughout the UK and Southern Ireland.

Over the many years of association, Romero have on many occasions gone far beyond the call of duty in terms of service and professionalism to our organisation and member promoter/event organisers in what is a robustly challenging industry by nature.

Romero have provided an invaluable level of liaison and support at all levels in a thorough and comprehensive manner whatever the ‘crisis’. Our relationship has proven to me far more than just client / insurer. They have become involved significantly in our business and provided guidance in areas of compliance, legal representation and Health & Safety. In my 27 years’ experience with several brokers, Romero stand out from the crowd in their support to be ‘more than just a broker’. They offer consistent, solid 24/7 support for our business which will be difficult to replicate for us in this industry.

Whilst providing an excellent level of service, they have also represented us well in relation to engineering the best value in terms of insurer and premium.

Steve Rees, Chairman at Oval Racing Council International

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