Paintball, Airsoft and Laser Tag

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We work with paintball, airsoft and laser tag site operators to provide specialist insurance solutions. Romero Sports and Leisure also has experience working with equipment manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.As brokers to the UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF), you can trust us to provide the best cover for your own unique risks because we know your industry inside out.

Our extensive knowledge of covering both indoor and outdoor sites has allowed us to negotiate exclusive facilities with market leading insurers. This enables us to provide bespoke insurance solutions at competitive premiums. That’s why we always recommend specialist businesses work with specialist insurers. We know the industry and know the cover you need to comprehensively protect your business.

Paintball, airsoft and laser tag carry unique risks. It’s particularly important to ensure you’ve done all you can to keep your employees and customers safe! When you work with us, you’ll have access to our expert risk management team to advise on site safety and other issues. Together, we’ll protect your customers and your business.

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