Oval Racing Council International

Sports Associations

In January 2012 Romero Sports and Leisure were approached by the ORCi (Oval Racing Council International) UK Governing Body for Short Circuit racing in the UK,  to enhance the Insurance scheme for the promoter members.   
Romero Sports and Leisure negotiated the following benefits:    
  •  A significant premium reduction 
  •  Sponsorship of the association to help assist with Health & Safety Risk Management issues.
  • Enhanced policy cover
The association has done a lot of work over the past four years on Risk Management and Health & Safety, two key areas for any Governing Body.  By further investing in the association by way of sponsorship we aim to make the sport as safe as possible for its participants and safeguard the future of Oval Racing in the UK.  
Should any member require any assistance, please contact Richard Nicholson or Karen Want on 0113 281 8110.